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What’s the Story of Trees in Nashville

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Another Tree Organization in Nashville?

We are the organization that provides transparency and accountability in our government as it relates to trees.

Just as there are many types of trees in the forest, there are several types of non-profits focused on trees in Nashville. We each have a role in advancing and maintaining Nashville’s brilliant urban tree canopy. Our role is to be the fearless, nimble advocate for the trees. When a tree falls in Nashville, we not only hear it. We talk about it, ask questions, look for trends and, most importantly, hold people accountable if need be.

We seek above all to be reasonable and show that trees and development can co-exist. Not every tree can or should be saved. There are hazardous trees that threaten peoples’ safety, and exotics detrimental to the natural ecosystem. But we’ve seen too many examples of mature indigenous trees getting bulldozed without thought or planning. We’ve heard countless stories from residents just like you, people who built this city to become what it is today, to see their neighborhood’s identity chopped down, never to be the same again. We can build big buildings, but we can not build trees. Only time that spans generations can trees grow to the size they once were.

Our peer cities understand the value of the urban canopy and have built much more stringent laws to protect them. Austin, Charlotte and Atlanta all shame us in tree stewardship. We’ve got work to do here, folks. If we don’t change the culture, we risk losing our luster as a destination for tourists and permanent residents alike.

…Working Together, We Will Keep the Country in Music City

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